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EPOND supplies detectors for MS, ICP-MS, GC-MS and LC-MS instruments.
For all detector questions, email
   info @ e-pond. biz 
 Note : EPOND can  also  supply detectors that are not listed below -   ask us  !
  Manufacturer   ICP-MS  Detectors   EPOND P/No.
 Agilent  HP 4500
 Agilent  HP 7500
 Finnigan  Element I
 Finnigan  Element II
 Nu-instruments  Nu Plasma
 PE - Sciex  Elan 5000 (requires PE adaptor)
 PE - Sciex  Elan 5000A
 PE - Sciex  Elan 6000
 PE - Sciex  Elan 6100, 6100-DRC
 PE - Sciex  Elan 9000, 9000-DRC
 Thermo Elemental  PQ with '12-12' rods
 Thermo Elemental  PQ with SXP rods
 Thermo Elemental  PQ3 and ExCell (sequential)
 Thermo Elemental  PQ3 and ExCell (simultaneous)
 Varian  UltraMass
 Thermo VG  Genesis
  Manufacturer   GC-MS  and  LC-MS   Detectors   EPOND P/No.
 Agilent  5970 (all types)
 Agilent  5971, 5972 and GCD
 Thermo Scientific  DSQ quadrupole
 Thermo Scientific  Polaris Q
 AB Sciex  API 2000, 3200 LC-MS
 Shimadzu  QP 5000 GC-MS
 Varian  Saturn GC-MS (pre-2K)
 Varian  Saturn GC-MS (2000, +)
  Manufacturer   MS  Filaments  =>  CHF 316,-   per packet of 4   EPOND P/No.
 Agilent  Filament for 5971 (EI/CI), GCD (EI) (4/packet)
 Agilent  Hi Temp Inert Filament for 5972, 5973, 5975 (EI) (4/packet)
 Agilent  CI Filament for 5973, 5975 (4/packet)
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tel.: +41 52 355 30 86    fax : +41 52 343 16 90
Email :     info @ e-pond. biz 

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