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Science Daily - Inorganic

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The savings in time afforded by good nebulizers and spray chambers are often
not  the most significant ones in the overall productivity of an ICP instrument ...
ESI has developed a remarkable new way to boost analysis efficiency -

The SC-FAST system for SC-series Autosamplers

The SC-FAST is an accessory for  SC-series autosamplers   that improves
sample throughput by up to a factor of 3 :

No sample introduction device pays for itself as fast as the SC-FAST !
The SC-FAST increases productivity by reducing sample uptake, stabilization
and rinse steps, as shown by this animation :

The Benefits

  • Increases sample throughput by up to 3x
  • Decreases consumption of sample
  • Eliminates contact with peristaltic pump tubing
  • Reduces build-up of deposits on ICP-MS cones
  • Supports online internal standard addition
  • Cuts consumable and maintenance costs
  • Operates without changing analytical measurement times
  • Allows adding Hg to ICP methods without reducing throughput
  • Compatible with all ICP / ICP-MS systems
  • Supplied with pre-loaded methods for rapid implementation.

  • Comparison of standard and SC-FAST acquisition processes

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