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The 'oneFAST' extends the productivity advantages of the  SC-FAST system 
to most popular autosamplers :

- laboratories currently using Cetac, Perkin Elmer, or Varian autosamplers, as well as ESI SC autosamplers,
can now immediately benefit from higher throughput without changing autosamplers.


The oneFAST uses a small automated sample injection valve and vacuum pump.
Peltier-cooled spray chamber/valve modules are available for ICPMS and organic solvent ICPAES applications.

The Benefits

  • Increases sample throughput by up to 3x
  • can be fitted to SC-series and all popular autosamplers
  • Easy upgrade path to SC autosamplers such as the hi-capacity SC-8 (with 8 racks)
  • Easy-to-use software - see an example in this  screen shot
  • Valve module can be close to nebulizer or remote
  • Decreases consumption of sample - and argon
  • Eliminates contact of samples with peristaltic pump tubing
  • Reduces build-up of deposits on ICP-MS cones
  • Contact  EPOND  for the oneFAST

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