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ICP-OES accessories

the XENA flow meter

Sample Transport

ICP-MS accessories

SC-FAST system

ICP-MS detectors

ICP-MS cones

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No-Break nebulizers

Burgener nebulizers

'AirBip' sample monitor

ICP Spray Chambers

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Mike Cheatham's Plasmachem

At EPOND we offer a wide-ranging design and engineering service for :
    -  systems and components that aren't available 'off the shelf'
    -   or that fall outside the limits of what had been imagined until now ...
     such as the  'No-Break' nebulizers. 

Have you been thinking of something like this that you can't find in any catalogue
    - or even something for the lab whose feasibility may have been questioned ?

In such cases  EPOND  might be able to help.

Switzerland has more than chocolates and watches ...

At  EPOND  we'll help you with that design that they say "can't be done".

For custom design enquiries, please email :    rube @ e-pond. biz 

Im Langhag 12
CH - 8307    Effretikon

tel.: +41 52 355 30 86    fax : +41 52 343 16 90
Email :     info @ e-pond. biz