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  Sample Transport

SC-FAST system

 ICP-OES accessories

 ICP-MS accessories

 ICP-MS detectors

 ICP-MS cones

 Custom Design

EPOND products are used on every continent, supplied by either EPOND Switzerland
or EPOND Australia, or a distributor in your region.
Contact us for the distributors closest to you.

We also invite commercial and technical enquiries from current and potential distributors.

Due to the pace of expansion of our product lines there is a constant need to send updates of product data and to share news.

Please email    sales @ e-pond. biz  your questions about distribution and specifications.

We will respond clearly and rapidly.

Im Langhag 12
CH - 8307    Effretikon

tel.: +41 52 355 30 86    fax : +41 52 343 16 90
Email :     info @ e-pond. biz